Keyword Research Service

Why Is Keyword Research So Vital?

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to reaserach and plan out keywords to target for your website.  Knowing keywords you should choose to use for both your website content and your off page SEO tasks is not a case of guess work.

If you want your website is listed in the search engines results, where your target market are actively searching for your products or services online. And showing up where it will get visitors, then keyword research and selection is a priority step in planning our your SEO campaign strategy.  But, it doesn't stop there!

Why Are Keywords Important?

Many people do not know how to research the keywords which are relevant to their website niche, this is where our team at Salisbury SEO Company come in.

  1. A discovery meeting will be held with you, to:
    1. Provide information about your website niche.
    2. Gain an understanding of your industry.
    3. Find out who your competitors are.
    4. Learn about who your customers are.
    5. Understand the buying process for your products/services.
    6. Discover which locations your target market are in be it local, national or international.
  2. In depth keyword research will be carried out for:
    1. Current ranking for your brand.
    2. Branded terms.
    3. Competitor terms.
    4. Keywords that hold user-intent within your niche.
    5. Industry specifc terms.
  3. You will be provided with a report, showing all the keywords, which are relevant to your website content, along with:
    1. The average number of searches per month, for each one.
    2. How competitive each keyword is.
    3. If a keyword is trending or declining in online search (online search seasonality).
  4. This keyword research will be used as part of your SEO retainer to create a strategy for your SEO campaign.  Or this can be provided as a stand alone service, if you wish to do your own SEO.

The number of searches each month is simply an indication of the number of visitors your website can potentially achieve on a monthly basis.  Without keywords, the search engines would be unable to find and display links in the results pages that provide the right content for the searcher.  For users/visitors your website would not be able to effectively communicate what your page is about and limits conversions for a sale/lead for your business.

Every Online Search Starts with a Keyword!

Keyword hold 4 different types of search intent:

  • Informational Intent - Users carrying out online research for informational purposes who need answers to their queries.
  • Navigational Intent - This is where a person is looking for a specific website - This can be branded terms for products or simply your company name.
  • Transactional Intent - A user will be looking to purchase a product or type of product with the intention of making a purchase and will expect to land on a product page to find the product information and pricing.
  • Commercial Investigation - This is an audience which have intention to buy in the near future, buy are gathering information and comparing pricing, lead times and company reviews on service level on their journey toward making a purchase.

By targeting intent-specific keywords for your target audience and the range of different personas for each customer type your business supplies or would like to expand to supply this should always be backed with actualy data and the opportunity to reach a wider online audience. 

For example: If you owned an auction house called "The Salisbury Auction Centre" - the difference between the average monthly searches for "auction center" (10 searches per month locally) or "auction house" (360 searches per month locally) really makes a difference. It would make commercial sense to target both, but to prioritse the one with the highest search volume.  This will attract an audience this brand is currently missing out on.  More website visitors provide an increased chance of a higher conversion rate. Targeting both keywords also allows for example the potential customers with navigational intent who are trying to find you but cannot remember the company name.

How Are Keywords Used for SEO?

Once you have your keyword research completed, it should not be wasted.  The next vital step is the planning!

Salisbury SEO's keyword mapping service provides the blueprint for your SEO strategy for controlled and channelled marketing planning across the entire spectrum of your online marketing efforts.  When you adopt our SEO retainer service, the keyword sitemap is used in every stage of our work on your brands SEO campaign.


We strongly recommend you have keyword research for your website, prior to starting any form of SEO on the following:

  • A new website to design.
  • To modify an existing website.

Let Salisbury SEO do this for you and you will get:

  1. A full report, showing the keyword analysis.
  2. With the average number of times each query is searched for in the past 12 months. 
  3. This will target local, national or global audiences (dependent on your required target market area).
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