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SEO Clients Rushing To Sign Up

October 2018 see's a rush of new SEO clients starting and signing up to use our SEO consultant expertise. Get your SEO services from Salisbury SEO.

That's right, our team of SEO consultants and specialists work so well to provde SEO services to our clients that we have had an influx of clients all commencing 1st October 2018.

Not only are many of these clients new starters with us, but we also have a few renewals not to mention an old client who has just returned after seeing their website drop organically in the search results since their contract came to an end.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is a vital process yet a very time consuming and continuous process, but in order for your website to be seen organically in the search results, it is one that and business owner must seriously consider.  When you work on your websites SEO, both technical, on-page and off-page it will prove your worth organically in the eyes of the search engines.


Google Core Algorithm Update

This week Google released a broad core algorithm update, as they do several times per year.

In fact each day Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve its results.  Some are focused on specific improvements, some are broad changes.

What this means for website owners.....

Googles Mobile First Indexing

Google recently announced that search search engines will be ‘mobile first’ in the near future. Their search results will be based on the mobile versions of web pages, including the results that are shown to desktop users. Read about what you need to do ......

How To Ensure The Search Engines Find Your Website

One of the most fundamental aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) is ensuring that the pages within your website are as accessible as possible to the search engines. It is not only the homepage of a website that can be indexed, but also the internal pages within a site's structure. The internal pages of a site often contain important content such as products, services or general information, and therefore can be uniquely optimised for related terms. As a result, easy access to these pages is vital.

How will clients benefit from a good SEO marketing company?

A good SEO marketing company will customize a solution for every individual or business. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your online rankings and ratings

Benefits You Will Get From Hiring A SEO Specialist

Hiring a SEO expert will save you from time consuming work. Only an expert in SEO can understand the nature of search engine algorithms which aids them to strategically increase your website's search engine rankings. Although you can opt to do the SEO work yourself which you may eventually get to learn after thorough study and analysis of how search engine works, the method will still require time and attention but to get the services of a personalised SEO specialist will save you and your company the hassle.

What a SEO expert can provide

A SEO specialist can guarantee you profitable results as they have profound knowledge of how search engines work and are highly skilled in the field of optimization. They can evaluate your site's accessibility, recommends site and page structures, internal linking and create a long-standing synergy to send proper holistic signal to search engines and users alike.

How to Drive Visitors to Your Blog

If your blog is in need of traffic you need to devise a good plan of action to get it noticed by the masses. Consistent targeted traffic is the key to survival for today's blogs. If your blog gets low traffic it could be a sign that the blog is lacking in content, or maybe that content is not what your readers want to read.  However, there are also a lot of well-written and useful blogs that are not receiving adequate traffic.

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